Office : We have a fully equipped modern office, manned by qualified staff. Our staff is well trained to carry out their duties & responsibilities. We also have a fully equipped conference room for meetings and have manufacturing unit linked with internet for quick reference and transparency.

Factory : Our factory is situated in Ahmedabad the textile hub of India. It has a total floor area of 17000 square feet. The factory is divided into various areas of production and has a scientifically designed assembly line system.



Machinery :



Support Manufacturers : Printing & Dyed is done at various process houses in Ahmedabad. We work with process houses having upto date technology and they are Oeko Tex certificate holders.


Quality Control (QC)

The goods supplied by us are being tested by authorized laboratories. The following are the normal results which generally occur on the goods supplied by us :

Sr. No.


Test Method

Our Standards

1 Colour fastness to rubbing (Dry) EN ISO 105 X 12 4 for dark colours 3-4
2 Colour fastness to rubbing (Wet) EN ISO 105 X 12 3-4 for dark colours 2-3
3 Colour fastness to washing
at 60 degrees C

A) Colour change

B) Self Staining

C) Cross staining (Multi Fiber)
EN 105-C06 (ISO 105-C06)





4 Dimensional Stability to washing

A) For heavy quality

B) For lighter quality
EN ISO 3759, EN2 5077(ISO 5077)
EN2 6330 (ISO 6330


+ (--) 5%

+ (--) 7%

5 General Appearance after wash EN2 6330 (ISO 6330) SA 3-4
6 PH value ISO 3071 Between 4 & 8

Fabric weight and fabric construction are also tested as per the applicable ISO standards and the results satisfactory to the customers requirement are obtained. Specific results are not mentioned here as they vary in each quality.

All the above results are for pigment colours. If any requirement for procean or reactive colours than please feel free to contact us to know more about our quality control standards